About Ana Moves

The classes are taught by Ana Moves, dancer and yoga, meditation and chanting teacher, certified acupuncturist, as well as wool spinner. During the last 7 years Ana has studied extensively the symbolic language of dreams and the use of the I Ching with Taoist Master and dream analyst Kari Hohne. Her work with dance, yoga and chanting is deeply soaked in Taoist principles.


Ana has danced, choreographed and directed  professionally for various companies both in the UK and Spain(London Improvisers Orchestra, Fluxx Improv, Karavan Ensemble, Ji Park…). She was founder member of Rabos de Lagartija, awarded Spanish physical theatre and dance company.

Before being able to stand on two feet, Ana learned to use her voice and breathing with her dad, who was a tenor and singing teacher. She started pirouetting, jumping, and standing on two hands at about the age of 4, in a completely self-directed way. She continued to learn and discover on her own for many years. At  the age of 21 she graduated in Physical Education and from there started studying ballet, figure skating, gymnastics, contemporary dance, physical theatre, butoh, yoga and improvisation and many years later she graduated in Contemporary Dance- Theatre Arts with a BA 1st Class Honors at the University of Brighton where she also got a Postgraduate Certificate in Art & Desing. She studied scenography with Andrew Nisbet, physical and vocal improvisation with Al Wunder & Andrew Morrish, Action Theatre with Kate Hilder, butoh with Atsushi Takenouchi , Ryuzo Fukuhara and Mim King and physical theatre with Yael Karavan and Tanya Khabarova (Derevo).


At the moment she dances in her own projects or in collaboration with other artists. She teaches voice, movement, meditation and yoga workshops and practices acupuncture. She dances for the Ensemble Improviso, and improvisation group formed of various musicians of the Asturias Symphonic Orchestra and invited independent and underground local musicians and dancers.